Bed solution houses a mattress in dimensions of 140x200cm (55,12 x 78,74 inch) which is placed directly on the floor. If You are used to sleep with mattress on the floor You can order exactly this frame around Your mattress to add some style... As the mattress is supported by the floor You cant find undermattress boards from the bed frame kit. A photo is a view from behind headboard towards footboard. The whole bed frame is visible hear and assembled.


Voodilahendus mahutab madratsit 140x200, mis asetub otse põrandale. Kui oled harjunud või sulle meeldib magada põrandal, siis on võimalik madratsile täpselt selline stiilne puidust raam ümber soetada. Et madrats toetub otse põrandale, siis puuduvad komplektist ka traditsioonilised põhjalauad. Vaade voodi peatsi tagant. Kogu voodi puitosa on tervikuna pildil näha ja kokkupandud.

The details are essential. Working with natural and unedged woodmaterial needs more planning and using timeconsuming methods. Otherwise You may lose its significant features and the outcome can be embodied as simply rectangular or in boxlike solutions. On the forefront there is a corner solution around the leg. The footboard is on top of the sideboard and copying the curvature of it. Between the boards there are hidden tenon which allows sinking the two boards in each other.

Additional fixation and assembly utilities are not necessary only wooden cotters are needed to tie the bed in one rigid piece. Tree branches causeing possible d(efects) are not removed/displaced processing the woodmaterial. It is the question of preference but in agreement with client the exemplary places can be remanufactured. This very bed has on footboard a small branch which soft wooden parts have been spilled out leaving a dip on board.

The unedged boards obtained from milled tree trunks (dried of course) are carefully processed and tenoned to the different parts of the bed frame so that they can be assembled piece by piece. An important role is played by choosing the right board/woodmaterial and frameing them up so that the result looks nice and in proportion. In connections between wooden details there are gaskets to minimize and avoid possible creaks.

The headboard is attached to the bed frame with a slight angle to allow better support for ones head or back if needed. An important extra the bed is equipped with are two nightshelf extensions on both side. These shelves allow comfortable placeing of books or teacups. Whay not a vase...

If You live in penthouse, where there is a lack of space You might find the solution very practical because the frame is low. When placing mattress inside the bed frame it raises above the side- and footboard. Depending on the mattress thickness the height can be different.

Presented bed is unfinished alnus glutinosa wood. When buying the bed solution it is possible to do the finishing on Your own or let Us to take care of it. The possibilities are staining the wood and applying lacquer/oil/wax.

Bed price 585.- eur (if finishing is done by client)
+ 49.- eur (we will take care of the finishing)
+ possible transportation/shipping costs (in agreement with client)