The bed frame can be ordered according to the size of mattress which is not included in the bargain. There is a possibility to add and order underbed boxes.

The legs of the bed are glued and therefore in one piece with a platform for sideboards. The connections are fixed with screws and bolts. The undemattress boards are at least 2 cm thick (less than inch) and more depending on the width of the mattress and configuration of the boards. If needed the undermattress supportive beam is used.

The headboard is attached to the bed frame with a slight angle. Different types of wood in severel visual settings can be used when mounting and handcrafting headboard. For example one or several boards intactly with grain and pattern of each board in one natural piece in the form of edged or unedged. The headboard could also be from refurbished material.

And of course You can choose woodmaterial and finishing.

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