It is possible to order the bed depending on Your mattress size. There is a possibility to add underbed boxes. If there is a need one must buy them together with the bed solution otherwise it will be impossible to house the boxes because of the sideboards unedged shape and size (there will not be enough room).

As the massive legs (refurbished logs) of the bed are in foreground the whole bed appearance is influenced by them. A massive image and most fluent lines and shapes of woodmaterial are the keywords describing the bed solution.

The Bed kit is equipped with underbed boards starting from 2 cm ie 0,79 in in thichkness, depending on the width of the mattress and configuration of the boards under it, as well as the fact whether the supportive beam is used.

Assembly of the bed needs using different fittings and accessories which are not seen (hidden) when the bed is assembled.

The headboard is mounted to the legs with special fittings which are on the backside. It allows to fix the headboard with a slight gap between the legs while the boards edges are roughly copying the legs shape. The same story applies to the footboard.

The headboard is attached to the bed frame with a slight angle allowing comfortable support if needed.

There is a possibility to choose woodmaterial and finishing. Fact is that the legs and boards on the sides as well as the head- and footboard will be in different tone because of the woodmaterial source used is not the same.

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