The aim of the box solution outlook is to create a lively and naturallooking impression. In the forefront of the box is an edged board with intact grain. On the sides there are unedged woodmaterial.

The four sides of the box - due to the design - are not rigidly fixed thus allowing woodmaterial to expand and decrease in size without cracking while moistening or drying up. As a disadvantage You might see the corners go beyond each other... Still, when using the box the corners will rarely get out under the bed to cause inconveniences.

The framebox is supported by wheels operating in one direction (back and forth), which are carved and hidden into wooden frame. The height of the wheels is in woodworking process adjustable depending on the floorcovering. If You have hardcover (eg concrete, wooden floor etc) then approximately 1 cm ie 0,4 in and for softcover such as carpet or textile above it. That ensures the smoothrunning of the box.

The bottom of the box is made of thick veneer (6-8 mm ie 0,24-0,31 in), which makes it durable. If the box is large the bottom is secured with one or several beams.

According the necessity all the dimensions (length, width and height) are subjects to adjustment as well as the number of boxes needed. It is important to pay attention to the opening formula of the boxes (a side a certain box is opening under the bed) which might be determined by the space in the room or specific needs of the client. Possible formulas are both sides (left, right) and to the footboard.

Ordering wooden boxes one can choose woodmaterial and finishing.

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