Wooden Cotter Solution "CotSolBed"

The key elements binding the bed as a whole piece are wooden cotters. After assembling tenoned boards to each other all the necessary and sufficient rigidity is achieved by these cotters.

As a matter of fact the assembly process of the bed does not need any other fixation such as screws, bolts or metal fixings.

 The woodmaterial used is cut straight from the tree trunk obtaining different natural-looking planks. Only the bark is removed. The beds head-, foot- and sideboards are made from material like this.

Legs of the bed are glued together using several pieces of the boards in different thickness. It is not possible to cut out a leg in one piece from a log, because it will just crack and distort.

Choosing woodmaterial can be challenging as we pay attention to the details. The grain and pattern as well as the traces of vermins will add beauty and extra value to the certain part of the product.

Our aim is to emphasize and preserve the quiantness of the woodmaterial used.

 Essential nature of "CotSolBed" is quite massive, however offering cosiness and security while having rest.

As an outcome of massive and solid structure the bed needs space around it. Due to the flat-topped foot- and sideboards one must take into account that You have to add to the mattress size in both directions at least 40 cm (16 inches) to get the beds overall length and width measurements.

There is a possibility to integrate nighttable shelves to each side of the bed. These shelves are extensions to the headboards where You can place for example a book or a teacup...

As a rule we try to find a board carrying some special characteristics or shape to suit in a role of nighttable shelf.

The bed can be handcrafted of different wood types as well as finished according to "taste". If possible we prefer the grain and pattern of the wood to be seen.

Our products can be finished applying lacquer, woodoil and wax depending on the need and wish. Getting the right or desired tone it is possible to stain the product.

Undermattress boards might not be included in the bargain if the product is exported outside Estonia. It depends on the region and location of Your order!

On present photo the boards are edged, though we can use unedged undermattress boards as well. The thickness of the boards starts from 2 cm (less than inch) and is dependant on the width of the mattress and configuration of the boards under it, as well as the fact whether the supportive beam is used.

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