We listen up and consult

Outside Estonia the consultation service is only possible via skype. It is probably not possible to arrange a meeting although it can be considered as the most effective way.

Still, when talking about cosultation service over skype the time limit is, at the price 28.- euros, approximately 1,5 hour. This is the maximum time, though we are not going to end our conversation instantly as the clock ticks to the end. We will have the time to summarize our conversation.

The most important thing during our conversation is to find a contact between us as well as finding answers to the questions which are essential. The price 28.- euros is divided into two parts. Before the consultation service the client should pay 14.- euros and after the consultation is held the other 14.- euros. Whay is it so? We believe it is honest to both parties. We devote our time for You and ask a paymaent 14.- euros in advance which can be taken as reducing our risks. If our service has fulfilled your expectations towards us and You have the answers You need You will leave the risk management buffer enabled for You by paying the other part in amount of 14.- euros as a sign of trust.

There is a possibility that You do not like our service and You feel it has been inappropriate and unprofessional. In that case You can feel free and not to pay the second part of the service (14.- euros). Along with that act You will lose the possibility to use the first (already paid 14.- euros) part as a deposit when decideing to buy our furniture/bed solutions. Okay, after being unsatisfied with our service You probably will not think about it anyway!

If both payments are done and You are pleased with the service given You will have a month to decide how to use that depository money. This is the amount of 28.- euros that will be considered as prepaid sum and the discount will be given when buying one of our products during next monthtime.

Need consulting?

Fill in the form and we will get the e-mail, in which we hope you will enlighten the topic in your interest and a little bit of background information. Also it is important to suggest a possible time when it is best for You to get the consulting service.